Xcellent Roadbreaker M/T Tires

Mud-Terrain Passenger Light Truck tire.


  • Thick and strong multi-pitch tread blocks
  • Wide tread stance with open shoulder design
  • Aggressive robotic arm blocks combined with over-the-shoulder tread spread
  • Deep cut zigzag blade sipes
  • Notched and scalloped shoulder lugs
  • Triangle shaped stone ejectors
  • Heavy-duty carcass empowered with full 3-ply body construct and high turn up sidewalls


  • Staggered to improve gripping and braking performance on both paved and gravel roads, allowing longer tread life and on/off road durability
  • Delivers superior off-road performance and all-weather assurance
  • Provide additional forward traction in deep mud and snow and improved off-road handling when making hard turns
  • Help eliminate water and slush to improve hydroplaning resistance and traction in wet and slippery conditions
  • Staggered to enhance lateral grip and traction in harsh off-road environments
  • Help avoid stone retention and penetration through to steel belts, enabling longer life, preventing irregular footprint wear
  • Acts as an extra layer of reinforcement against heat, punctures and cuts

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