Xcellent Roadbreaker A/T Tires

All-Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire. Available in Raised White Letters (RWL) and Black Sidewall (BSW).


  • Thick and strong multi-pitch tread blocks
  • Widened wedge-shaped grooves
  • Multi-angled zigzag sipes
  • Concave-convex shoulder lug bites
  • Sawtooth shaped upper sidewall scallops
  • Stone ejectors attached to block edges
  • Tie bars linking across adjacent shoulder blocks
  • 50,000 Mile Limited Mileage Warranty


  • Staggered to improve gripping and braking performance on both paved and gravel roads, allowing longer tread life and on/off-road durability
  • Deliver stronger visual impact while offering higher protection against aquaplaning, heat and road noises
  • Improve heat dissipation and water drainage efficiency, enhancing all-season traction and handling on and off-road
  • Reinforce grip and skid resistance, offering improved steering and traction on all terrains
  • Enable extra ruggedness and puncture resistance deflecting protruding objects snagging from sideways
  • Add to all-terrain self cleaning functions by preventing retention and drilling of stones and debris from below the footprint
  • Effectively reduce tread squirm when rolling and during acceleration and braking, promoting stability that helps resist irregular wear and road noise

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